Cyber Security & Forensics Course
Course Description

Cyber security refers to securing computer systems and networks in order to prevent computer crimes while the field of digital forensics refers to the detection of computer crimes once they occur. Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Course is designed to meet the growing needs of preventing and detecting computer crimes in our digital age.
Course Objectives
a. To teach practical, hands-on, applied knowledge that can equip individuals on computer security techniques.
b. To teach the latest applications and tools used in the IT security field.
c. To provide the knowledge that will help user to meeting certification requirements in the IT security field.
Course Content
This course consist of the following topics
1.Coding Security

Learning objective:To examines security architectureelements within modernobject-oriented programminglanguages and create the frameworkfor securing programming.
2.Vulnerability Analysis &Control
Learning objective:To address hands-on ethical hacking, penetration testing, detection of malicious probes and their prevention.
3.Cyber Security Management
Learning objective:To examine the topics in the management of information technology security Read More>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>